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Southern Mixed



Boorowa, NSW

Property Name: Springfield
Farm Manager: Allan Munns
Farm Address: Springfield, Boorowa NSW 2586
Type: Lamb/Wool/Beef/Crop
Year Started: 2010
Hectares: 5,230


Koorawatha, NSW

Property Name: Meadowbank
Farm Manager: Nathan Cayfe
Farm Address: 4773 Olympic Highway, Koorawatha NSW 2807
Type: Lamb/Crop
Year Started: 2013
Hectares: 1,388


Canowindra, NSW

Property name: Canomodine
Farm Manager Will Clarke-Dickson
Farm Address: 521 Canomodine Lane, Canowindra NSW 2804
Type: Lamb/Beef/Crop
Year Started: 2019
Hectares: 4,188

Rippling Water

Tumbarumba, NSW

Property Name: Rippling Water
Farm Manager: Justin McDonald
Farm Address: Jingellic Road, Tumbarumba NSW 2653
Type: Lamb/Beef/Wool
Year Started: 2010
Hectares: 2,143


Adelong, NSW

Property Name: Deltroit
Farm Manager: Tynan Buckley
Farm Address: Deltroit Road, Mundarlo NSW 2729
Type: Lamb/Beef
Year Started: 2016
Hectares: 2,574

Deltroit ewes & lambs.jpg

Watson Park

Goulburn, NSW

Property Name: Watson Park
Farm Manager: Stuart White
Farm Address: Watson Park, Federal Hwy Yarra NSW 2580
Type: Lamb/Wool/Crop/Beef
Year Started: 2007
Hectares: 4,583



Young, NSW

Property Name: Burrangong
Farm Manager: Chris Bunny
Farm Address: Burrangong, Young NSW 2594
Type: Lamb/Wool/Crop
Year Started: 2011
Hectares: 4,217

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