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About us

MH Premium Farms is the trading name of the MHPF group of companies, all operating and managed in Australia.

MH Premium Farms (MHPF) is owned by Lord Michael Hintze.  Since 2007 MH Premium Farms has acquired a range of properties across Eastern Australia. The group now owns 16 properties strategically located across several climatic regions with operations in all traditional agricultural enterprises. The total area is now more than 59,500 hectares. 

The properties offer a diverse portfolio producing:

  • Prime lambs, wool and beef

  • Broad acre cropping of cereals and oil-seeds

  • Irrigated cotton and sugar

This is a long-term investment and properties are developed and improved with careful attention to sustainable production practices and environmental responsibility. The company is committed to being a leading producer and an employer of first choice within the industry.

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Committed to outcomes

We understand what we need to do

Continuous Improvement

We validate and adopt best practice

Transparent and Honest

We care about how we do it


We care about how we work with each other


We care about the wellbeing of our people, animals and environment

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