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Peter Hall

Northern Livestock Area Manager

Peter joined the team in 2007, when MHPF purchased Watson Park in Goulburn NSW. He stayed on as the farm manager and in 2015 went on to also become our Area Manager of Northern Livestock zone.

Prior to joining us Peter had been in various roles to help grow his passion and experience. These roles consisted of farm management, station hand, head stockman and overseer throughout NSW, QLD and WA.

Peter runs our 37,000 head merino flock as well as producing first and second cross Lambs. He also manages 2,700 head of Angus and runs a 2,000 ha winter cropping program.

Peter is passionate about all areas of agriculture and enjoys finding the best fit for different farms, rainfall and soil types. He believes the best way to become a low cost producer is to produce more of your product as efficiently as possible.

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